When we think about the island, the first thing that comes to mind is: summer, sea and caldero.

But, this destination is much more than that, and offers alternatives for the low season. It is a wonderful place that you cannot miss. Visit Tabarca at any time of the year.

Tabarca experience by boat with homemade paella of excellent quality

At any time you have the possibility to take a boat ride, go hiking, visit the village of the island or the nature reserve. In addition, you can enjoy eating a paella on board the catamaran while you contemplate the spectacular aquatic views.

If you think you can only visit on hot days, learn more below.

History and origin

Although the date of foundation of the current Tabarca is not clear, traces of different civilizations have been found: Roman, Greek and African. The latter were the ones who gave its current name, based on the homonymous town in Tunisia.

Visit Tabarca and travel to the past through the architectural remains

Responding to such a rich history, we can still visit today the remains of walls, located around the center of the island of Tabarca. Special mention should be made of the Puerta de San Rafael, located on the eastern side, the Puerta de San Gabriel, facing west, and the Puerta de San Miguel, with views of Alicante.

Tabarca today

Despite its small size, Tabarca Island, declared a historical-artistic complex in 1964, has several monuments to appreciate. It is a fantastic tourist destination, ideal for a one- or two-day getaway.

Half of the island is practically uninhabited, without buildings, other than the old prison. This green area invites you to take short walks of little difficulty and beautiful landscapes.

The other half of Tabarca corresponds to the walled town, where less than 50 people live annually. Its silent streets dress up for a party with the arrival of tourists, maintaining its spirit of a fishing village.

There is a local museum and the churches of San Pedro and San Pablo are also interesting. If you are looking for the perfect setting for your selfie, don't overlook the colorful Mediterranean houses, in particular the well-known "Casa del Francés" (house of a french man).

Tabarquina Nature Reserve

Tabarca is an example of affirmation, progress and administration for new national and international projects of marine protected areas. It has been declared a ZEPA territory (Special Protection Area for Birds) due to the significant number of birds that arrive there.

Enjoy our offer to get to know Tabarca in low season

Caldero and local flavors

Eating a homemade paella on board a catamaran is a unique experience. During the anchorage in front of the island, a local restaurant brings us the freshly made, homemade paella directly on board. With options of flavors (fish, vegetables or chicken), we serve this delicious menu, accompanied by a refreshing drink and the best and most relaxing views of Tabarca.

If you still don't know the area or if you want to organize an original plan with family or friends, delight yourself with this magnificent boat trip.

Enjoy this experience, which you will undoubtedly want to repeat. Go ahead and reserve your seats now!

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