Collaboration with ECOMAR

From Alicante Catamaran we care about preserving the environment that surrounds us. We are passionate about the sea and sailing and we try not only not to pollute with our activity, but also to reduce its impact to the minimum possible.

In addition, we spread our values ​​and motivate our clients, suppliers and collaborators to work and enjoy in this sense. For us, sustainability is as important as the quality of service we offer.

We have thought, then, how to collaborate with an Association that is involved in sustainability and in the care of our environment. This year, we have chosen ECOMAR as the organization to sponsor.

The foundation

The ECOMAR Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 1999 by Theresa Zabell (Spanish Olympic sailing champion), who sought to give back to the sea everything it had given her during her sports career.

The objective of the foundation is to achieve cleaner seas and oceans, through awareness and education, mainly of the youngest.

It seeks to be the reference foundation in Spain, providing solutions to the environmental problems suffered by our seas, their flora and fauna.

It brings people closer to the sea, inviting them to value and care for it, through water sports and healthy lifestyle habits, based on the phrase "take care of the only two places you can never move from: your body and your planet" .

ECOMAR has more than 20 years of experience with the slogan "without the sea, there is no life"

Our action

Our collaboration is mainly based on disseminating its purpose and its great contributions to cleaning the oceans.

We advertise the logo on the crew uniform and very soon on the catamaran sails.

In addition, we encourage each person who buys their tickets online on our website to donate €1 to the foundation, or more, if they wish so.

In the near future we also plan to receive groups of children or children and parents to go sailing during which we will be able to spread the message of the foundation and raise awareness about the protection of the environment, in relation to the Grímpola Program and Logbook.