Everything about COVID-19 to enjoy safely on board

You will find below a small guide with the measurements taken for Alicante Catamaran so that you are informed with everything you need to know before coming on board.

Many of us want to know what the Covid-19 measures in leisure activities are. Be up to date with prevention measures. For example, security and measures taken in accommodation, restaurants or activities. Also if we have to do something new or different before arriving, such as PCR, Medical Report ... Etc

Since the health alert began in Spain in March 2020 there have been many unique and exceptional situations. For example, during the past season, the boat renters the majority have preferred to protect safety, limiting the capacity and carrying out hygiene protocols.

The main goal is to provide calm during a relaxed and safe trip.

You will find below a small guide with the measures adopted by Alicante Catamaran so that you are informed with everything you need to know before coming on board.

Everything about COVID-19 to enjoy safety on board

  • Masks: The use of masks is mandatory at all times, except for eating, drinking, and bathing.

  • Hand hygiene: Upon boarding, before getting on the gangway and during the entire excursion, gel should be placed on the hands (you will find several hygiene points with gel on board).

  • Footwear: Please remove your footwear before boarding and remain barefoot or change it for a clean pair brought from home. There is also the possibility of buying a safety kit on board (flip flops and mask).

  • Crew: The personnel on board follow a meticulous protocol: disinfection of the ship before and during each tour, taking the temperature, changing clothes for the uniform only used on board, use of disposable gloves in the kitchen, which is closed by screens. security. The captain will give a speech at the beginning of the tour and will explain how to act on board for the clients' peace of mind.

  • Location on the boat: Alicante

  •  Catamaran makes a plan before each trip, managing the groups of clients in the best way to respect the minimum safety distance.

  • Facilities on board: we have placed transparent screens between the seats, gloves in the toilets and pedal trash cans.

  • Food and drinks: they will be served individually to each client.

  • Snorkel: we will not use tubes; just masks and fins. They will be kept clean and when used, disinfectant is also added. Who has his own snorkeling equipment can take it on board (only for personal use).

  • Electronic ticketing and payment: We encourage boarding with online tickets, without the need to print vouchers, reducing physical contact while reducing the use of paper. In the same way, although the cash payment continues to be accepted, we invite you to pay online with a credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

  • Full refund: for cancellations up to 24 hours before departure justified by Covid symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) and if it is not possible to reschedule the tour, for the safety of other passengers.

  • Possible symptoms: Alicante Catamaran may prohibit boarding people with symptoms of Covid - 19 (fever, cough, etc.) in order to ensure the health safety of other customers and employees. A temperature measurement can be taken if necessary.

  • Customer data: As a control measure against contagions, we must keep customer contact details for four weeks.

In short, from Alicante Catamaran we will do everything in our power and more; to guarantee the security and tranquility of our clients. We continue to inform ourselves of the changing reality and the protocols that we must eventually update.


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